What are academic interventions for the SST process?


SST academic interventions are a big part of the SST process. SST academic interventions are strategies teachers can try to help the student become successful. SST academic interventions must be able to be measured. SST academic interventions also must have a goal or in some cases several goals set. The use of the academic interventions must be documented and brought to each SST meeting to be discussed by the student support team.

If the student is having trouble with the expository writing process, have them try an expository leveled writing system. Each level of a leveled writing system can be an SST academic intervention and goal. For example if a student can’t write in paragraph form, have the start with a topic sentence. Once they can do that, have them move to the next level of leveled writing system which would be the first fact in sentence form. The progress or lack of progress for an SST academic intervention should be reported on monthly at the SST meetings. Proof needs to be brought to be evaluated by the student support team. If the leveled writing system is working and the student is making progress, then continue the short term goals of the leveled writing system until the long term goal of writing a paragraph has been accomplished.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Leveled-Expository-Writing-System-867302 offers a leveled writing system and that can be used as an academic intervention and accommodation during the SST process. 

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico




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