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How can you differentiate instruction for a writing assignment based on Judaism?

Judaism Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan

Differentiated instruction for writing can be done with leveling. There a a couple of different approaches that a teacher can take when differentiating writing by ability levels otherwise known as tiering.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico has a fantastic leveled writing system that takes students from a topic sentence to a DBQ essay. All of the levels of writing focus on content too so teachers know if their students are understanding the concepts presented in class.

Another way to differentiate instruction for writing on Judaism and as a conclusion to the Judaism lesson plan is by providing lower ability levels with a writing prompt. For expository writing, this may be as simple as providing a topic sentence. This will help focus them on the details, facts and elaborations one could write about Judaism.

The last way a teacher could differentiate instruction for writing about Judaism is to increase the difficulty of questions. The higher the ability level, the higher critical thinking should be demanded from the students.

When creating a differentiated instruction writing assignment for Judaism, a teacher needs to remember that each student need to use the content that is stated in the state standards or national standards that are being used in the class. Every student must be exposed to the same content during differentiated instruction.

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