Shhhhh! It’s a secret! Creation of the Constitution PowerPoint and Lesson Plan

First I’d like to say thank you to all of you that purchased my products during the 20% off sale! I want to let you in on a little secret to say thank you. Two of my products that are listed on are more than what they seem. Don’t be scared off my the product descriptions warning you away from purchasing these items. They are decoys. In reality it actually has three PowerPoints and three differentiated instruction lesson plans! (Annapolis Convention, The Need for Compromise, and the Major Issues of the Constitutional Convention) Common Core standards are used too. This product will only be up until Jan. 2014. This is one benefit of subscribing to my blog. If you bought these items separately, it would cost you $19! But the Creation of the Constitution Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan is only $4.00 and the PowerPoint is only $3.00! So you can SAVE $12.00 by getting in on this deal not to mention a bunch of time planning! Below are the links that will take you to these products and remember… shhhhh, it’s a secret!

Don’t miss out on the deal for three differentiated instruction lesson plans and PowerPoints! You can see what is in each lesson plan and PowerPoint by following these links:

Annapolis Convention differentiated instruction lesson plan and PowerPoint:

The Need for Compromise differentiated instruction lesson plan and PowerPoint:


Major Issues of the Constitutional Convention Differentiated Instruction lesson plan and PowerPoint

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico


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