Is a cause and effect essay an example of expository writing?

A cause and effect essay is an example of expository writing.

A cause and effect writing activity is an example of expository writing. This expository writing activity can be done in the form of a paragraph or an essay. Planning can easily be done and should be done before a cause and effect expository writing activity is begun. Planning works as a type of guide for the writer and focuses them on the content needed to accomplish the task. Two forms of planning that can be done for a cause and effect expository writing activity is a graphic organizer or an outline.

Some students may have trouble putting expository writing together in a paragraph or an essay form. One accommodation that can be used is an interactive expository writing system. If students have trouble with the process or are in the midst of learning the process of expository writing a leveled expository writing system can also be helpful. Leveled expository writing systems can help teachers differentiate instruction also by allowing students to write at different levels but use the same content. offers a leveled expository writing system. Check it out!

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