How can teachers use linguistic intelligence to differentiate instruction for activities?

Differentiate Instruction using Linguistic Learning Activities

Most teachers use linguistic learning style activities but they might not realize that that’s what they are. There are many options of linguistic learning style activities. Anything to do with writing (persuasive writing, creative writing, or expository writing) is a linguistic learning activity. Teachers can differentiate instruction by using leveling or scaffolding with writing assignments by either using a leveled writing system or by providing scaffolded ability level questions.

Providing an option for students to both speak and write would be highly valued by those with the linguistic learning style. An example of this might be to create and perform a monologue, a skit or give a persuasive speech. Teachers can differentiate instruction by providing one of these linguistic learning style activities as one of the options you allow your students to choose from. offers many linguistic learning style activities to help differentiate instruction. 

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico

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