How can I introduce anthropology to a social studies class?

How to teach about Anthropology in a Social Studies Classroom

Anthropology helps historians piece together histories of societies. It is important to introduce the social sciences like anthropology at the beginning of the year so that students have this basic background information for the remainder of the school year.

Anthropology is the science that focuses on human origins, physical  and cultural development, biological characteristics, social customs and belief systems.

A great link for enrichment when teaching about anthropology is: You don’t need to listen to the whole thing in class. The point is that social science is constantly evolving and adding new things to study because society constantly changes.

For students that need repetition instead of enrichment, the teacher could break down the vocabulary within the definition of anthropology and then have the students do a partner review retelling the definition in their own words to their partner for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If you can do both of these things in your classroom when teaching about anthropology, you will have successfully differentiated instruction.

A full Social Studies differentiated instruction lesson plan on the social sciences can be found by clicking here. It comes with the following:

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  • enriched and basic versions note sheets
  • choice sheet for activities
  • 2 activities: Win, Lose or Draw and Vocabulary Hunt with key
  • enriched and basic versions of a graphic organizer
  • paragraph writing activity with grading checklist offers this social studies differentiated instruction lesson plan and many more. Check it out!

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