Great Blog Gives Technology Ideas for Teachers!

I usually stick to writing about our new social studies differentiated instruction lesson plans but I ran across this blog that I was impressed with and I thought I would share it with you. It is called “The Educator Beat”. The articles are interesting and fun to read. I really like the ‘my top five’ list of technology for the classroom because there is so much technology out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best product. Randee has used the technology in the classroom that is suggested on the site which means more to me than the ad I read for it. The blog also has a good list of websites that are great for the classroom and some of them do focus on differentiated instruction which is what this blog focuses on too.

One of the articles on “The Educator Beat” suggests joining a support group if you are a special education teacher. I, having been a special education teacher for a short time, think this is a great idea. The laws are always changing and every special education teacher needs to be aware of them and share the laws with their co-teachers. Teaching special education can also be overwhelming at times and outlets are needed. I encourage you to join this group if you are a special education teacher. Click here to go to that article.

To visit “The Educator Beat”, click on the link below!


Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico

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