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Georgia Studies is the 8th grade social studies class in the state of Georgia. There are not many resources that can help teachers create their lesson plans for this curriculum. I am starting to put together some PowerPoints and Lesson Plans with activities that will help teachers engage their students. I have put what I have created so far in the chart below. The links will take you to my store on

Georgia Studies Unit 6 “The New South”
Bourbon TriumvirateContent:1. Vocabulary
2. Essential Question
3. Who were the Bourbon Triumvirate?
4. What were their goals?
5. Joseph E. Brown
6. Alfred H. Colquitt
7. John B. Gordon
8. What did the Bourbon Triumvirate do?
9. Effects of the Bourbon Triumvirate Chart Activity
10. Effects of the Bourbon Triumvirate Chart Activity Key
11. Notes to the Teacher: more information about some of the content in the slides along with ways to remember who the Bourbon Triumvirate were.
PowerPoint$3.00 Blog Article
Rebecca Latimer Felton & Dr. William FeltonContent:a. Vocabulary
b. Essential Questions
c. Who are Rebecca Latimer Felton and Dr. William Felton?
d. What did Rebecca Latimer Felton do?
e. Convict Lease System
f. Dr. William Felton
g. Review Multiple Choice Questions (2)Included:

a. PowerPoint
b. Lesson Plan
c. Vocabulary Activity
d. 2 ability levels of note sheets that go with the PowerPoint; basic and enriched
e. Eulogy Activity with Rubric

PowerPoint Lesson Plan Bundle$4.99 Blog Article
Georgia Studies Review, Study and Reference Packet This is a multi-purpose packet. I used this packet in the following ways:a. Breaking it up and handing out the review sheets (keys) at the beginning of every unit to SPED and ELL as an accommodation. They then used this as a reference sheet throughout the unit which saved time in class during opening and closings, note taking, class discussions, activities and helped the parents help their children with homework and studying.
b. Study guides as note sheets
c. Study guides as study guides before unit tests for all students
d. Study guides and review sheets were handed out as a big packet for studying for the CRCT.
e. Catch students up on content due to transfers, sickness, absences etc.This packet goes through every GA History state standard in the order that the state of GA framework suggests but does not include the Connecting themes in GA History unit 1 of the frameworks.

1. Early Natives in GA and Geography
2. Exploration and Colonization
3. Statehood
4. Civil War-Reconstruction
5. The New South
6. The 20th Century
7. Post WWII Georgia
8. Civil Rights
9. Modern GA
10. State and Local Government
11. Adult and Juvenile Justice System
12. Personal Finance

It lists the standards and then either lists or charts the facts, events, people, etc. that are in the standard along with a definition, importance of, or explanation of whatever is listed or charted. There are study guides that can be filled out by students and a key to go with it. It is written in Word so it is easily modified to meet your needs as a teacher.


Packet$4.00 Blog Article

Georgia Studies Online Resources

1. Georgia Studies Framework Teacher Notes

2. Georgia Studies Performance Standards

3. Georgia Encyclopedia

4. Our Georgia History

5. Georgia’s Virtual Library

6. Georgia Historical Society

7. Georgia Public Television

8. Georgia Archives

9. Northeast Georgia History Center

10. Georgia Railroad History

11. Georgia Museum of Natural History

12. Georgia Native American History

13. Blank map of Georgia

14. Make your own map


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