Activity Template System

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How can social studies teachers use an activity template system based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory to differentiate instruction?

Social Studies teachers need to differentiate instruction for their work session activities to increase interest in their content. If a student is given a choice of four activities to complete and asked how they would like to complete them (self, partner or group) they gain control over their own learning. By giving them choices based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, social studies teachers can tune into their students’ interests and tie the content to it by allowing each student to make a connection to self in the process. This activity template system allows teachers to differentiate instruction more often because the planning process is shortened. The directions, steps and rubrics stay the same, only the content changes. You can download the following FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POWERPOINT so that you can learn how to use the activity template system to differentiate instruction. Using the Multiple Intelligence Theory to Differentiate Instruction for Work Session Activities

The following activity templates are based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory to differentiate instruction and provide student choice. They are available on teacherspayteachers. You can follow the links below. They each have student roles, short easy to follow steps with time allotments, a place to add content, and a rubric to help teachers grade.

There is now a BUNDLE for the activity template system with over 50 activity templates that will work for grades 4-9. The bundle saves you a ton of money. You pay only $.27 per activity as opposed to purchasing them separately at $1.50. Click on the next link to check it out! ACTIVITY BUNDLE

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