Why Should Teachers Remediate?

Remediation with Holler for Mastro LLC

As brilliant as some students are, they do not pick up everything that a teacher teaches. Remediation can help students review information they may never have picked up or it can help students remember content they have forgotten from previous lessons. Repetition and remediation of information is key for memories especially for students who have certain learning disabilities. The more we as teachers can repeat information in our classrooms the more students will retain.

Don’t give up or have lower expectations for the students that need remediation. Every student can learn but it may take one students 100 times the amount of exposure to the curriculum. It is our job as teachers to give them different ways to continue to be exposed. Obviously we can’t just stay on one piece of information all year until everyone in the class gets it. However, we can provide ways to remediate and study at home to continue their learning.

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Written by,
Kasha Mastrodomenico




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