Why does the US need a National Curriculum?

I know that this blog is dedicated to differentiated instruction but this is an issue that I feel very strongly about it so I’m going to write about it anyway.

A national curriculum in the United States is probably never going to happen due to education being a reserved state right but maybe the states should consider giving this one up. At the time the Constitution was written people mostly stayed where they were. Families stuck together. With the increase of globalization, more and more Americans are moving to where the jobs are instead of staying put with their extended families.

Besides families affiliated with corporate America, the military is moved constantly. Already, my son, who is in 2nd grade has seen 4 schools! I feel that if Ms. Obama really has the military family as her interest then this is where the First Lady should start. If there are to be no Department of Defense schools at a post, then the schools getting funding to host our military children, should have to offer a national curriculum. They should graduate with a national diploma. That way our children aren’t repeating some material and missing gaps in their education. There is a reason why home schooling in the military families is increasing!

With all of the funds for raising state education standards being handed out with programs like race to the top and no child left behind, why doesn’t the national government just set up a curriculum with high standards and issue the same standardized test for states to follow in order to get that funding? Funding pressures have worked before i.e. the drinking age.

Take a look at the state of GA’s social studies standards compared to NY. GA doesn’t even touch data based question essays unless a student is in an AP class in highschool. In NY they have to write one in fifth grade! That is a huge gap in expectations.

In my view, the national government needs to take a look at all 50 states expectations and create a national curriculum that includes all of the highest expectations for our children. They will rise to the challenge!

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