Where can I find a multiple intelligences learning styles test?


Where can I find a multiple intelligence learning styles test?



Multiple intelligences have their own learning styles. For example, the kinesthetic multiple intelligence has the kinesthetic learning style. To find out what multiple intelligence learning style you have, you can take a multiple intelligence learning style test. There are many multiple intelligence learning style tests on the web for free. I created one on http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico/Category/Multiple-Intelligece-Test. You can download it for free. It focuses on Dr. Howard Gardners’ seven original multiple intelligences, kinesthetic, spatial, musical, logical, linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.  After you take the multiple intelligences learning styles test you may realize that you use a number of different multiple intelligence learning styles but one or two are probably going to be stronger than the others.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico/Category/Activity-Templates-and-Rubrics offers many middle school social studies classroom activities and lessons that focus on multiple intelligence learning styles. Check it out!

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