What multiple intelligence learning styles work together in a song activity?


Song Activities use Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles

A great way to allow students to use different multiple intelligence learning styles is to assign them the creation of a song. You can have them create an original work but that can be quite time consuming. I suggest using the tune of a familiar tune like a nursery thyme and changing the words to fit the content.

The obvious multiple intelligence learning style that is used during a song activity is musical. The logical multiple intelligence learning style is used because the student or students will have to decipher what the important information of the content is before they create the content song. The linguistic multiple intelligence learning style is used because they must make words work with the tune almost poetically. Songs can be created either individually (intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style) or in a partnership or group (interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style).

Teachers can differentiate instruction by offering students more choices of classroom activities that use different multiple intelligence learning styles that focus on the same content.

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Kasha Mastrodomenico




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