What multiple intelligence learning styles work together in a eulogy activity?


Eulogy Activities use Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles


Multiple intelligence learning styles work together during activities. When students create a eulogy they use the following:

  • Linguistic multiple intelligence learning style
  • Intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style
  • Interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style

In order to create a eulogy, language must be used. Thus, the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style is used. Writing a eulogy can be a nice alternative to expository writing. Students will still be able to use content but in a creative way. Writing eulogies for historical figures can help personalize them for the student. Teachers can allow students to choose between interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style(working with others) or intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style (working by themselves). I do not recommend creating a eulogy as a group activity, partners are a good choice for the interpersonal learner. I have noticed that a lot of relaxation occurs by many in a group while one or two create, even with student roles.

Teachers can differentiate instruction by offering students more choices of activities that use different multiple intelligence learning styles and focus on the same content.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico/Category/Activity-Templates-and-Rubrics offers many activity templates like the eulogy activity above based on the multiple intelligence learning styles and they also include rubrics. Check it out! You can also get advice from Kasha Mastrodomenico via Linkedin.com by connecting with her.

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Kasha Mastrodomenico




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