What multiple intelligence learning styles work together during a board game activity?


Board Games use Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles

If your goal is to have your students play a board game, you can bring in all of the multiple intelligence learning styles by creating questions or tasks for students to do at each space or with question or task cards. This can be time consuming to create. Board games are usually played with others so this uses the interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style.

If your goal is to have students create their own board game it will most likely end up being a question and answer game. The organization of content and organization of the game i.e. creation of rules, all use logic. That means that the logical multiple intelligence learning style is used. The spatial multiple intelligence learning style will be used when the actual board is created. Teachers can give students the choice to work individually (intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style) or with a partner or group (interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style).

Teachers can differentiate instruction by offering their students more activities that use other multiple intelligence learning styles activities that use the same content.

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