What kind of intrapersonal learning activities can be used for closings?

Intrapersonal Learning Activities

There are many intrapersonal learning activities to choose from when creating a closing assignment for students to complete for review of daily content. Due to the fact that intrapersonal learners are great at self reflection, a daily diary entry or journal entry about what they have learned can really help them review content and they will enjoy the process. You can have them go further and write about how they felt and what they think about the content. This intrapersonal learning activity can help intrapersonal learners connect content to themselves and background knowledge.  This is very important since intrapersonal learners know themselves so well.

If writing an intrapersonal learning activity journal entry or even a paragraph for a historical figure, you could ask them to imagine what kind of advice they would be given if they sat down and had lunch with them. You could ask them what characteristics they see in the historical figure that they also see in themselves or which ones they wish they had or didn’t wish they had.

Another closing intrapersonal learning activitythat is available is filling in a thinking map or a graphic organizer. These are easily completed quickly and will fit into the closing of a lesson time frame of 3-5 minutes. They can also be connected to the intrapersonal learner by simply adding a box to the graphic organizer, or thinking map, or a question at the bottom.

Intrapersonal learning activities can be used to differentiate instruction also. You can add an intrapersonal learning activity as an option for a work session or you can include an option like self reading to gain the content information during the mini-lesson. Intrapersonal learning activitiesare easily implemented in today’s classroom.

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