What is the SST?

An SST in some states stands for student support team but I have also heard them referred to as student success team.  The goal of an SST is to try to find academic interventions and accommodations that might help an individual student be successful in a specific area. SST meetings usually occur once a month. The teacher is in charge of implementing the intervention strategy or accommodation for the student and documenting any results. If this is not done correctly, the SST process is stalled.

Contrary to popular belief, the SST process is not necessarily the precursor to being tested for a learning disability. If certain interventions are successful, they are documented and should be used for years to come to help the student be successful. SST‘s should be revisited monthly and if they are no longer necessary, they should be classified as closed. An SST can be reopened at anytime in the future if an educator or parent sees it as necessary. Even if an SST is considered closed, it should remain in the student’s permanent file for future teachers to review and be aware of.

If there is no improvement after all SST intervention strategies and accommodations are considered, tried and documented, the possibility of having a student tested for a learning disability should be considered.

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Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico




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