What is Linguistic Intelligence?

Linguistic Intelligence

People with linguistic intelligence have the linguistic learning style. This is also called verbal learning style. Those with linguistic intelligence are intelligent with the use of language, oral and written. They learn best by writing, reading and speaking. People with linguistic intelligence or the linguistic learning style may acquire foreign languages easily.

Thomas Armstrong points out in his book “Multiple Intelligences: In the Classroom,” that people with linguistic intelligence are able to persuade others to carry out an action. Politicians value linguistic intelligence and showcase it during elections, when introducing policy and meeting with foreign diplomats.

Teachers showcase their linguistic intelligence by explaining content to their students and creating mnemonics to help their students remember. They write lesson plans and hold conferences. Both of these include the use of language.

People may exhibit only parts of linguistic intelligence. For instance some may be gifted speakers but poor at writing correct grammar and spelling. Thomas Armstrong believes that people can acquire different multiple intelligences overtime, if desired, usually through practice.

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