What is the intrapersonal learning style?

Intrapersonal Learning Style

The idea of an intrapersonal learning stylecomes from one of Howard Gardners original seven multiple intelligences; intrapersonal intelligence. Learning styles refer to how a student learns best. Intrapersonal learning stylelearns best when working alone. They are considered to be “self-smart”. They know themselves well. They are comfortable by themselves. They have self-confidence. They know how to plan and execute a task and trust themselves to get it done correctly. They depend on themselves and do not enjoy depending on others. Intrapersonal learners prefer to work alone.

Many times if the intrapersonal learner is put in a group activity they will be frustrated because they will take over the task, but everyone will get the credit. They will see this as unfair. They may also get frustrated with others who do actually do part of the assignment because their performance was not up to their standard of excellence.

There are many careers where the intrapersonal learning style is key. There will always be instances where people must lean on others for certain things or go to meetings to decide what is best, but for the most part many people in business work alone. Most paperwork is done alone. The more computers are used the more we are going to see a need for the intrapersonal learning style.

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