Example of Differentiated Instruction

What is an example of differentiated instruction when teaching about culture?

Example of Differentiated Instruction

If you need an example of differentiated instruction for teaching about culture, I have one for you here. Part of the culture standard I had to teach was about creation stories. The main idea behind it was that every culture has a creation story. I decided to differentiate instruction by using the multiple intelligence learning styles. Since it wasn’t stated in the standards that a specific creation story be learned, I used several from around the world. I divided the students into cooperative learning groups to bring in the interpersonal learning style. I handed each cooperative group a different creation story. To bring in the linguistic learning style I had the groups put the story in their own words to simplify it. I brought in the kinesthetic learning style by making the students make up movements to go along with the story. The next day when the students came in the classroom, I had all of the desks on the outside of the room and in the middle I had created a fake fire with sticks and yellow, orange, and red construction and tissue paper. Each group told their story with their movements. The linguistic learning style and kinesthetic learning styles were used again during the presentation. It also included the spatial learning style because the students were watching the stories due to the movement and the “fire” focal point. The next time I use this differentiated instruction lesson plan using multiple intelligence learning styles, I will allow the students to use musical instruments from their culture, borrowed from the music room, to bring in the musical multiple intelligence learning style. To conclude the lesson, I used the logical multiple intelligence learning style by having the students find similarities between all of the creation stories.

In this lesson I accomplished differentiated instruction by bringing in the following multiple intelligence learning styles:

  • kinesthetic learning style
  • linguistic learning style
  • spatial learning style
  • musical learning style
  • logical learning style

By using all of these multiple intelligence learning styles to differentiate instruction, more students were interested in the lesson. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico has many examples of differentiated instruction using the multiple intelligence learning styles in the form of full lesson plans.

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico




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