What careers are good for people with an intrapersonal learning style?

Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa had Intrapersonal Learning Styles

If you have ever wondered what careers are good for those of your students with an intrapersonal learning style, I have some answers for you. Interpersonal grouping has been such a focus lately in schools that we forget that the intrapersonal learning style also need to be nourished. They hold just as much importance in professions as those who enjoy to work with others.

Just because intrapersonal learning styles prefer to work alone, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. It means that they trust themselves and how could that possibly be a bad thing? Don’t we want our students to have self confidence and be able to depend on themselves? There will be times when groups are not an option as many of the following professions show.

Entrepreneurs, like myself, are usually considered to have an intrapersonal learning style. I started my own business because I like to work alone. I enjoy creating differentiated lesson plans. I enjoy writing and I enjoy doing research. Each of these is done by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I like to work with others too, on things that are not connected to my business like the ARMY FRG and soccer teams, but I feel like I can depend on myself more to do things correctly for my own business. I don’t like waiting for others to finish or worse, having to check over and then fix what they’ve done. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, create their own businesses to work by themselves because they want to have more freedom to do things their own way. If you can’t tell by now, many of those with the intrapersonal learning style are perfectionists and goals setters. They feel that their ideas are good. They trust themselves enough to invest their time and money into their businesses. If someone doesn’t have an intrapersonal learning style, they should NEVER open their own business.

Clergy members have an intrapersonal learning style. Many of them work alone creating their sermons and taking care of  the church. They will do research on the church and learn the bible by themselves. This may be surprising to some but it is because they know themselves so well they can relate easily to others and help those in need. This is the same for psychologists and social workers.

Writers, philosophers, theorists and artists don’t work in groups either. They come up with their own ideas and then create, sometimes, masterpieces.

Architects, computer engineers, graphic designers, computer programmers, are some other professionals that have the intrapersonal learning style.

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Kasha Mastrodomenico




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