What are examples of linguistic learning style activities?

Examples of Linguistic Learning Style Activities

Linguistic learning style activities have to do with language so it can be something to do with reading, writing, or speaking or listening. Linguistic learning style activities are great to do in the classroom to differentiate instruction. In order to differentiate instruction, teachers can simply give a linguistic learning style activity as a choice out of approximately four options using multiple intelligences. Some examples of linguistic learning style activities are as follows:

  • writing or telling a joke about the content
  • reading
  • being a story teller
  • writing a story
  • writing a children’s book
  • playing word games
  • rhyming Poems
  • poetry in general
  • trivia
  • spelling
  • tongue twisters
  • creating puns
  • listening
  • creating and giving speeches
  • group discussions
  • debates

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