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How do you teach the geography vocabulary word grid?

Teaching Geography Vocabulary Words

Students learn geography vocabulary by being introduced to it, reintroduced to it, by using it correctly several times, and then having it reviewed several times. I believe that repetition is the key to any piece of content. How it is repeated is up to the creativity of the teacher.

When I teach the geography vocabulary word grid, I first introduce it as a vocabulary word that they will learn during that lesson, as part of the anticipatory set. A grid is —the pattern of lines that circle the globe in east-west and north-south directions. Then I use it and have them use the word grid during the mini-lesson by having them fill in their note sheets, differentiated instruction can be done here if needed with three different types of vocabulary sheets for different levels of ability. In the vocabulary note sheet is a section for the students to use the word correctly showing understanding either in a sentence or in a drawing. As I go over the word grid in the mini-lesson, I also have the students create their own grid by connecting arms a certain way. That brings the total amount of exposure to the geography vocabulary word grid to 4.

The next piece of learning a geography vocabulary word is using it again. They use the grid in a kinesthetic activity with a floor map that they walk using the latitude and longitude in the grid. That brings the exposure of the geography vocabulary word grid to 5.

The 6th exposure is when the student uses a grid to answer questions on worksheets focusing on latitude and longitude again.

The 7th exposure of the vocabulary word grid is when the student writes about how grids on maps help people read them. This should be in paragraph form. In order to differentiate instruction for writing, you could use the leveled writing system on http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico

The 8th step in the exposure is to have students review their geography vocabulary words by folding over the right hand column on the vocabulary note sheet mentioned at the beginning of this article.

For more ideas about how to teach geography vocabulary click the link below:



http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico uses repetition and differentiated instruction like this in all of her social studies lesson plans. Check it out!

In order to purchase the full geography lesson plan, in which grids are a part of, click here. If you are only interested in the geography mini-lesson that obtains geography vocabulary and ideas that use the multiple intelligence learning styles for repetition, click here.

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