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How Can Teachers Remediate?

There are many techniques teachers can use to remediate in their classrooms. I have found that the more simple the technique the more effective it is. If it’s simple then so are the directions.  This saves time in the class. It also helps the student focus on the content and not the directions or rules, if a game. Don’t get caught up in the “entertainment” value. It’s distracting for the student. Remember repetition is the key so I recommend staying away from a jeopardy type game which only asks a question once and doesn’t focus on all of the individuals in the class that need remediation for each question. Some simple techniques teachers can use to remediate include: flashcards, memory games and peer review.

If teachers want to know about a certain classes retention and would like to address it as a class, they can use tickets out the door at the end of class and then address the most common deficiencies at the beginning of the next class. Classroom discussions can work if you can keep everyone’s attention.

Another almost forgotten way to remediate is through homework. Depending on the school district you work for homework might be stressed in either direction, either giving it or not giving it. It is a good remediation tool if you can get students to actually do it. Writing to review the days content is very beneficial just like reading additional information on the material presented at school.

Whether remediation is done through repetition, discussions or homework it is beneficial to the learner.

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Written by
Kasha Mastrodomenico