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What multiple intelligence learning styles are used for a post card activity?

When doing activities in the classroom, teachers should try to use as many multiple intelligence learning styles as possible especially if they don’t intent to differentiate instruction by giving students options of activities focusing on different multiple intelligence learning styles. I have noticed the more multiple intelligence learning styles I can use in an activity session the more interested more of my students are in it. The following are used in a post card activity:

  • Spatial Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Linguistic Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Intrapersonal Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence Learning Style

On the front of the post card is a picture or a drawing usually of the place one is visiting. The student with the spatial multiple intelligence learning style will not only appreciate but also enjoy this part of the post card activity. The drawing or picture selection could help to inspire them during the writing section also. Anytime a teacher can use art, the spatial multiple intelligence learning style is used.

On the other side of the post card is the writing section. Creative writing using content will interest those students with the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style and it can be a nice alternative to a paragraph or essay expository writing assignment. Make sure the students know what pieces of content to use in their writing. If you can provide a rubric to them before they start it will allow them to focus on what is really important for the assignment.

Post card activities can be done either individually (intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style) or with a partner (interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style). I do not recommend doing this type of activity with a group because there will be a lot of students disengaged and it will lead to discipline problems in the class.

As mentioned previously, teachers can differentiate instruction for work session activities by providing students with options for activities based on different multiple intelligence learning styles. I tend to stop at four options. I also allow students to choose the day before an activity how they wish to work. In the case of the post card activity, I would allow them to choose if they want to work by themselves or with a partner. This differentiates instruction for the interpersonal and intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning styles. I do not allow them to choose who they work with. If they choose to work with a partner, then try to make a partnership between a linguistic and a spatial multiple intelligence learning style. Using activity templates can help save time in the planning process also.

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Kasha Mastrodomenico