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What multiple intelligence learning styles are used when a license plate activity is created?

Creating a license plate might seem like a strange activity for a classroom but it is a creative activity that can bring in different multiple intelligence learning styles to a classroom. Teachers can list the content that a student needs to use but that content should be limited. On a license plate there is usually just a small picture like a background or a symbol, the number and letter as well as the state’s logo. That doesn’t allow the student to work with a lot of content. A license plate activity can be done in one period and if need be, finished at home for homework.

A license plate activity uses multiple intelligence learning styles. For the state logo and the letters on the license plate, the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style is used. For the background picture or logo, the spatial multiple intelligence learning style is used. The intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style is used when a student works alone. The interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style is used if it is done with a partner.

I used a license plate activity when students needed to learn the mayors of Atlanta when I taught GA Studies. Teachers could also use it for geography and have students create one for the regions, continents, states or countries.

Science teachers could also have the students pretend the body is a state and the different organs are people who need personalized license plates.

Teachers can differentiate instruction for this activity by providing other activity choices using the same content but different multiple intelligence learning styles. Activity templates can help teachers plan for this type of differentiated instruction activity quickly. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico offers 50 activity templates based on multiple intelligence learning styles that come with rubrics. It is a great way to save time planning for differentiated instruction because it can create up to four activity choices that can be provided to students in less than 5 minutes! They are easily changed so that you can get them to be exactly how you need them to be. You can also connect with Kasha Mastrodomenico on Linkedin.com.

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