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How Can I Differentiate Instruction for Classroom Activities?

There are a few different ways to differentiate activities:

  • Differentiate instruction using Multiple Intelligences
  • Differentiate instruction using leveling/scaffolding/tiering
  • Differentiate instruction by using remediation and enrichment

I recommend using multiple intelligences to differentiate activities. This allows the teacher to give their students many options of activities to do, based on their interests, using the same content. Students appreciate the opportunity to choose the activity they want to do. It helps give ownership to the project.

Leveling to differentiate instruction should be used when one project type needs to be completed. It can be tricky to do because you need to challenge and not just add busy work to the upper level. They will need additional critical thinking opportunities. Differentiating instruction or the lower ability level can also be tricky because you have to make sure they are getting just as much of the content as the middle and upper level groups.

The last option I’ve provided is to differentiate instruction by using remediation and enrichment. This can be used at the end of a unit or the end of each week. In my experience, it is impossible to do every day. It really works well when a co-teacher is involved. In order to do this you would need to do an evaluation of knowledge and those who have mastered the content do the enrichment activity and those who have not get the remediation.

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Written by,
Kasha Mastrodomenico