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Do you need examples of intrapersonal learning activities?

Intrapersonal Learning Activities


Intrapersonal is a term that is used in education usually when referring to multiple intelligences. Intrapersonal intelligence or intrapersonal learning style is one of Howard Gardner’s original seven multiple intelligences. It represents the student that knows them self. Intrapersonal learners know how they work best and are usually self-motivated people.

There has been a push for the last 10-15 years or so for group work or interpersonal work. Don’t let that push deter you from offering intrapersonal learning activities as well. There is great value in a student being “self-smart”. In the adult world there will be an increasing number of people who work mostly alone, especially in the line of computer based businesses. Most of my work is done by myself. I research by myself, I write by myself and I create by myself.

If your school insists on interpersonal learning activities, perhaps you can use differentiated instruction and offer the same assignment using flexible grouping i.e. offer the same assignment in group work, partners and self work. The students with the intrapersonal learning style will appreciate it.

Students with the intrapersonal learning style will sometimes get very frustrated working with others because they understand the task, they have already made a plan to complete that task by themselves and will usually take over the project if placed in a group. They will resent working in a group because, even though they have offered to take the assignment on by themselves, the whole group gets credit for their work. It can be quite frustrating for them. Below is a list of intrapersonal learning activities that you can offer to your students.

Intrapersonal learning activities:

  • advertisement for magazine
  • board game developer
  • brochure
  • cause and effect chart
  • children’s storybook
  • chronological timeline
  • comic strip
  • crossword puzzle
  • diary entry
  • diorama
  • drawing
  • epitaph
  • eulogy
  • joke writer
  • lego
  • license plate
  • maze
  • metaphor
  • mnemonic acronym
  • mnemonic roman room
  • monologue
  • news article
  • news article comparison
  • nonfiction rhyming poem
  • obituary
  • obstacle course designer
  • persuasive letter
  • persuasive speech
  • play-doh
  • political cartoon
  • post card
  • propaganda poster
  • puppet show
  • schedule
  • simile
  • song
  • super hero story
  • super villain story
  • tattoo artist
  • theme party planner
  • tongue twister
  • wanted poster

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico/Category/Activity-Templates-and-Rubrics has all of these intrapersonal learning activities available. This site can help you differentiate instruction to include all of the multiple intelligences by offering choices to your students. All of the learning activities come with rubrics.

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico