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What is an example of an intrapersonal learning activity?

Intrapersonal Learning Style

When I was teaching American History, I had a seventh grade girl who loved to help others and be involved in as many different conflicts as possible in her social group. I know what your thinking, ‘a 7th grade girl? You’re kidding!’. Ah sarcasm. Anyhow, I knew enough about people with an intrapersonal learning style to know that they are often the mediators, the conflict resolvers, the social workers and psychologists of their friends and eventually sometimes society as a whole. This is possible because those with an intrapersonal learning style know themselves so well they can usually find someway to relate to others.

This little girl was not interested in my subject whatsoever. So I thought I should try to intrigue her using her intrapersonal learning style. The content was the social structure of the South before the Civil War. I created an activity that was a set of problems that a person in each social class may have encountered. She had to come up with solutions to how each of them could solve their problems. She loved the activity and was really flattered that I had created it around her intrapersonal learning style.

I was able to present the content she needed through the use of intrapersonal teaching methods throughout the rest of the year. When teachers can differentiate instruction by using the intrapersonal learning style, in my experience, students will be more interested in the subject.

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