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How do multiple intelligences work together?

Multiple Intelligences work together

Thomas Armstrong stresses in his book “Multiple Intelligences: In the Classroom”, that none of the multiple intelligences work alone in an individual except in the case of savants. People use multiple intelligences together to complete most tasks in life. This means that each person has multiple intelligences. One intelligence is usually stronger than another.

A good example of multiple intelligences working together is a person playing the game of soccer. It is obvious to most that know the origininal multiple intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner that kicking, running and shooting is kinesthetic intelligence but lets look at the game a soccer in more detail to try to find more multiple intelligences being used. Players need to communicate to others on the field. The sweeper will direct the closest defender to push an offender to one side or another in order to trap them in a specific defendable position that is less likely to allow the offender to shoot at the goal. This is both logical intelligence as well as linguistic intelligence. It is logical intelligence because they need to think quickly about the best course of action. It is linguistic intelligence because their directions must be clear and concise in order to be effective. As the ball moves around the field, players need to position themselves in the propper areas on the field. They need to know what the best use of space is. They need to know where they should be before the pass is made. These needs of the game excercise both logical intelligence and spatial intelligence. Players also need to depend on others and trust their own skills so both interpersonal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence are used. In order to play the game of soccer a player must use many multiple intelligences together.

So when teachers decide to differentiate instruction in the classroom, they should remember that activities can use many different multiple intelligences. If a teacher offers four options of activities, they should be able to offer at least 6 of the 7 original multiple intelligences to their students. Using multiple intelligences to differentiate instruction will increase the interest of students.

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