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Geographic Factors Influence Culture: NYS Social Studies

NYS Social Studies: Geographic Factors Influence Culture

Unit 1: Geographic Factors Influence Culture


Geographic Factors Influence Culture is the second section in Unit 1 of the NYS 7th grade social studies curriculum. It includes the following:
A. Theories attempt to explain human settlement in the Americas
  • 1. Anthropologists theorize that Asians migrated across a land bridge between Asia and the Americas
  • 2. Native American Indians believe in indigenous development with migration patterns in both directions
B. Geographic factors affected the settlement patterns and living conditions of the earliest Americans
C. Major Native American civilizations in Central and South America
NYS 7th grade social studies teachers can include both A and B into one lesson plan and letter C into a second lesson plan.
To see suggestions for a lesson plan on both A and B called the Bering Land Bridge and Migration click here. If you would like to download the social studies differentiated instruction lesson plan click here. The PowerPoint mini-lesson is available by clicking here.
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Unit 1: The Global Heritage of the American People Prior to 1500

Unit 1: The Global Heritage of the American People Prior to 1500

You are about to teach 7th grade Social Studies in NYS and have started to look at the curriculum map to start planning for the year. You have probably skimmed the amount of content that you are required to teach your wonderful new students. At this point, if you are anything like me, you are already overwhelmed, nervous and confused. Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I will help to get you through this.

Unit 1: The Global Heritage of the American People Prior to 1500 is broken up into 4 sections. Let me be clear, this in no way insinuates that there will only be 4 lessons in this unit. The four sections that are included in this Unit are:

History and the Social Sciences: The Study of People

Geographic Factors Influence Culture

Iroquoian and Algonquian Cultures on the Atlantic Coast of North America

European Conceptions of the World in 1500

If you follow the link provided to you for each of these sections, it will give you ideas for what content to include in your lesson plans for each section and how to differentiate instruction in order to challenge all students in the classroom. If you are interested in finding a full lesson plan or PowerPoint on them, follow the links below:




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