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Left: Enriched/ Right: Basic

How can you differentiate instruction when teaching economic systems?

The NYS 8th grade social studies curriculum states that the students must learn the difference between laissez-faire (capitalism; market economy) and regulation (planned or command economy). When I was planning my social studies differentiated instruction lesson plan, I decided to create two different levels of note sheets. The enriched version allows the students to write their own notes in their own words. The basic version has students fill in the blanks of the notes as they go through the PowerPoint. The purpose of this is to allow the enriched leveled students more room for critical thinking and the basic leveled students the time for repetition. The notes include what laissez-faire and regulation are, the principles of laissez-faire, and what a mixed economy is.

Basic Note Sheets

Basic Note Sheets

Enriched Note Sheets

Enriched Note Sheets

I created an economic systems activity with two different ability levels to differentiate instruction. The same content is used. The enriched sheet allows for more critical thinking and asks the students to create everyday examples of people in a market economy, command or planned economy and a mixed economy. The basic sheet is set up for repetition and identification of the different types of economies. It gives them everyday examples and has them decide which economy the people live in. Students can work individually, with a partner or with a small group. You will need to make sure that if they are partnered or grouped, each member in the group has the same ability level sheet.

Economic Systems Differentiated Instruction Activity

Above Left: Enriched Version/ Above Right: Basic Version

Above Left: Enriched Version/Above Right: Basic Version

This is only part of a lesson plan called “Government Response to Industrialization and Abuses”. To find out more about this lesson plan, click here.


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