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Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards help to Encourage Civics

Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards for Social Studies

According to Anne O’Brien the Common Core Standards help to encourage civics and I have to agree. Her article does a great job showing how the standards are having a positive effect in our nation’s classrooms. We hear so many negatives that I thought I would post something a little more positive for you read about the CCSS. It may be a viewpoint that you haven’t heard before. Being a social studies teacher myself, I feel it is important to hear all sides of a debate and this one is heated. I have provided the link for you below and would love to see some comments made about it.


My site http://socialstudiesdifferentiatedinstruction.com/CommonCoreSocialStudies.html  also explains the Common Core Standards and then goes into how to differentiate instruction using them. In it you will find links to other articles that will give you even more insight about how to use the Common Core Standards in the middle school social studies classroom. It is well worth to time to check out.

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