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What multiple intelligence learning styles are used for a brochure activity?

A brochure activity is a great way to mix creativity and content. Brochures are usually filled with information about an area or contain directions about doing something. This allows a brochure activity to be done in Science, Social Studies and Language Arts depending on the curriculum.

Bringing in the multiple intelligence learning styles are a great way to interest students in an activity. The more multiple intelligence learning styles a teacher can bring into an activity the more students they have a chance of reaching. Brochure activities use four different multiple intelligence learning styles. The following are used in a brochure activity:

  • Linguistic Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Spatial Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Intrapersonal Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence Learning Style

Brochures, using informative language, use the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style. A brochure activity can give a little spunk to expository writing. It can help grab the attention of students.

Brochures wouldn’t be much to look at without pictures. This section will interest those students with the spatial multiple intelligence learning style. Teachers can allow students to either draw or choose pictures and other images to cut and paste. A brochure activity is a good one to do on the computer as well with Publisher.

A brochure activity can be done either individually (intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style) or with a partner (interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style). You can have your students choose the day before how they would like to do the activity. That way you differentiate instruction for the different multiple intelligence learning styles. You will also have time to put them in partners you think will work the best, preferably one of the partners will have a strong linguistic multiple intelligence learning style and the other will have a strong spatial multiple intelligence learning style.

Teachers can differentiate instruction by providing their students with four options for activities all using different multiple intelligence learning styles and using the same content. Using activity templates can help teachers differentiate instruction more often during work sessions. When I started to allow students to choose their activity the day before I noticed that students looked forward to coming to class the next day because they had greater ownership over their education. It also allows you to make the correct copies needed for the activity.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico offers over 50 activity templates, like the brochure above, based on the multiple intelligence learning styles. Each comes with a rubric. Check it out! You can also get advice from Kasha Mastrodomenico by connecting with her on Linkedin.com.

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Kasha Mastrodomenico