Jackson and Sectional Differences Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan

Jackson and Sectional Differences Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico now has the Jackson and Sectionalism Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan! It is based on the 7th grade NYS social studies curriculum and standards.

Jackson and Sectional Differences Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan

Jackson and Sectional Differences Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan

This social studies differentiated instruction lesson plan includes:

  • Lesson Plan
  • There are three different ability levels of vocabulary sheets. The enriched version allows for more critical thinking by making the students write the definition in their own words. The average version has students filling in the blanks of the definitions. The basic version has the complete definition to allow them to read the definition and then work on step two, which is on all of the versions; write a sentence or draw a picture to show understanding of the vocabulary word.


  • 2 Ability Levels of Note Sheets are provided for the Basic and Enriched PowerPoints. The basic note sheet provides slots for students to fill in their notes. The enriched note sheets give the students the ability to write their notes in their own words.


  • An activity choice sheet is available to help you plan. If you have your students fill this out the day before, you will know how many copies to make for each activity and how they would like to work. You will need to group appropriately.

Social Studies Differentiated Activities

  • Students will be able to choose between a Puppet Show and Newspaper Article Activity. Each of these comes with a rubric to help you grade. Allowing students to choose their activity should increase their interest in the content.

puppet show


  • Homework Reading Comprehension with Answer Key that focuses on the economic depression, Panic of 1837, and the Nullification Act.

reading comprehension

The Age of the Common Man differentiated instruction lesson plan has two ability levels of the the same content in PowerPoint form. The basic level simplifies the content and allows time for peer review after each slide for repetition. The enriched ability level goes into more detail and allows for more critical thinking. It is great to use with a co-teacher and split the class or you can choose the level that would be the best for each of your classes. Below is what content is included in the Leveled PowerPoint that goes with it (basic and enriched versions):

  • Vocabulary
  • Essential Questions
  • Intensifying Sectional Differences
  • Protective Tariff of 1828
  • Debate of Nullification
  • State Rights and Sectionalism
  • Nullification

pp cover

Debate of Nullification in the Senate

Intensifying Sectional Differences

Intensifying Sectional Differences


To find out where you can find the “Jackson and Sectional Differences” differentiated instruction lesson plan, click here.

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