Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Content

Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Content

Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Content (Differentiated Instruction)

The NYS 7th grade social studies curriculum includes the Iroquois Confederacy. In the Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Content, I go into detail about:

1. Who was involved in the Iroquois Confederacy

2. Where was the Iroquois Confederacy?

3. How the Iroquois Confederacy was created

4. When and why the Iroquois Confederacy began

5. Iroquois Clans

6. Different gender roles within the Iroquois Confederacy

7. The Grand Council and how it’s chosen

8. Representation of tribes in the Grand Council

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How does the Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Plan differentiated instruction?

Where can I find the Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Plan? offers social studies differentiated instruction for middle school teachers and students. Check it out!

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