Differentiated Instruction lesson on the Iroquois Confederacy

How does the Iroquois Confederacy Lesson differentiate instruction?

Iroquois Confederacy Lesson Plan

Social Studies differentiated instruction is done beautifully in the Iroquois Confederacy lesson plan. It uses both the Multiple Intelligence Theory and ability levels to differentiate instruction.

To differentiate instruction for vocabulary, there are three vocabulary ability level worksheets. They all give the option to either use the linguistic Multiple Intelligence or the Spatial Multiple Intelligence in the right hand column. The enriched version of the vocabulary sheet allows students to write the definitions using their own words. The average leveled sheet allows students to fill in the blanks of the definitions. The basic leveled sheet allows the students to take the time they need to read the definition and then fill in the right had column just like the other levels.

The Iroquois Confederacy lesson plan continues to differentiate instruction by providing two levels of note taking sheets for students. The enriched version allows for more critical thinking by allowing them to choose what they include in their notes and how they state it while following the PowerPoint. The basic note sheet is more guided and allows them to fill in the blanks as they go through the PowerPoint. The reason for this is to allow the students to listen to the content and then while the other students are writing in their notes, these students, who need to have repetition, can use partner review or ask questions for clarification. There are also maps and charts in both versions to bring in the Spatial Multiple Intelligence.

The activity section of the Iroquois Confederacy lesson plan uses mixed ability level grouping. The students go through a mock run of the Iroquois Confederacy and it’s decision making process. The question for the students is whether or not the Tuscarora should be allowed to join the Iroquois Confederacy. The direction sheet is very easy for students to follow.

There is a paragraph writing activity for homework and it comes with a grading checklist.

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