How do You Know If a Student Needs Remediation?

A simple quiz works best to find out if a class or a specific student needs remediation for the content presented in class. It doesn’t need to be a formal quiz and can take place more often if it’s not. Teachers need every moment in class that they can get.  Remediation can be a quick question and answer session between the teacher and the students or a ticket out the door asking students what they learned in class and a question they have about it. Tickets out the door can also answer specific questions that the teacher wants to check on. Both help teachers find out what students learned in a mini-lesson. A more formal quiz, perhaps at the end of the week, can alert teachers of the content that has been forgotten by students. Writing can be used as a tool to find out what content hasn’t been retained and what content remediation is needed on. Assign your students to write an expository paragraph about a subject and you’ll find out quickly who needs remediation and who doesn’t. offers social studies differentiated instruction for middle school, check it out!

Written by
Kasha Mastrodomenico

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