How can you differentiate instruction with a graphic organizer in a Judaism lesson plan?

Judaism Differentiated Instruction Graphic Organizers

Mind mapping through the use of a graphic organizer can help students review and remember Judaism. I like to use graphic organizers at the end of my lessons for repetition purposes. The more students are introduced or use the content, the more likely they will remember it.

Graphic organizers use the Spatial Multiple Intelligence as well as the Logical Multiple Intelligence according to Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory. This is so because graphic organizers are a visual representation of Judaism content in an organized fashion.

The type of graphic organizer I chose to use in my Judaism lesson plan was a description map. It has a circle in the middle where the word Judaism would be written. Connected to the word Judaism, are more circles that describe Judaism. Connected to those circles would be the elaborations or details of each piece of content related to Judaism.

In order to differentiate instruction while using graphic organizers for a Judaism lesson plan, I used leveling otherwise known as tiering. For the lower ability level version I filled in the pieces of content. This allows them to focus on the details of each piece of content. It works as a prompt. I left the same circles blank for the upper ability level to increase the amount of critical thinking that was done. They would need to critically think about the most important concepts in the mini-lesson as well as adding the details to them on the outside. There is a picture of the lower level version at the top of this article.

Notice that I used the same concepts or content in both levels of the graphic organizer because exposure to the same content is necessary for all students when differentiated instruction is being planned. The content that I used for the graphic organizer on Judaism include the following:

  • Torah
  • Moses
  • Old Testament
  • Ten Commandments
  • Israel
  • Abraham
  • Exodus

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