How can you differentiate instruction for a mini-lesson in a Judaism lesson plan?

Judaism Differentiated Instruction Mini-Lesson

When planning for a differentiated instruction lesson plan on Judaism the first thing a teacher should do is look at the state standards they need to address. They then need to pick out the important concepts about Judaism. Most teachers today use smart-boards to deliver their content and I’m one of them. I use PowerPoint because even with a Promethean Board, they convert.

In order to differentiate instruction for a Judaism PowerPoint mini-lesson, you can make two leveled versions. One that is enriched and one that is basic. Go into more detail about Judaism and allow time for more critical thinking exercises between slides. You should also bring in the Torah and read from the primary source itself. Having two levels of a mini-lesson can really come in handy if there is a co-teacher in the room. The basic version can be used for students who have difficulty grasping content or are learning English as a second language. Teachers should reinforce the content by delivering it in different ways and by using repetition.

Teachers can also differentiate instruction by bringing in different multiple intelligences. These seem to increase the interest of students and can also help them connect their background knowledge to the content. PowerPoint presentations are a great venue to bring in media. Media can include movies, news reports or songs about Judaism. Using media in the lesson plan can use the spatial and musical multiple intelligences. You can bring in other multiple intelligences for the repetition of content between slides.

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