How can teachers differentiate instruction by including learning styles?

Multiple Intelligence learning styles can be used to differentiate instruction. One of my favorite differentiated instruction lesson plans focused on the multiple intelligence learning styles. I taught about the Iroquois and later the tribes in GA through the use of artifacts. They weren’t real artifacts, I made them and then stuck them in an ammunition box filled with dirt to resemble an archaeological dig. I had the students try to reconstruct what they thought life was life for the Iroquois. It brought in the kinesthetic multiple intelligence learning style because they could touch and feel the “artifacts”. The logical multiple intelligence learning style was also used because they had to use their reasoning skills to conclude what they artifact might have been and what it was used for. I gave students a list of possible items and the translation for them into the Onondaga language. The necessity to translate included the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style. The students also had to draw a picture of what they thought the artifact looked like originally in order to include the Spatial multiple intelligence learning style. Playing in the background was Iroquois music for students with the musical multiple intelligence learning style. Since the students were working in groups to complete the assignment the interpersonal multiple intelligence learning style was also used. For the intrapersonal multiple intelligence learning style, I had them connect the Iroquois culture to their own by writing a paragraph about how they were similar. Of course that also brought in the linguistic multiple intelligence learning style again.

Students enjoyed this multiple intelligence learning style differentiated instruction lesson plan because students were able to pretend they were archaeologists. This brought in a connection to the real world and exposed them to a possible career. It used all of the original multiple intelligence learning styles to make the students interested. offers many social studies differentiated instruction lesson plans based on the multiple intelligence learning styles.

Written by,

Kasha Mastrodomenico

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