How can graphic organizers help teachers differentiate instruction?

Graphic Organizers Help Differentiate Instruction

Differentiated Instruction is when teachers use the same content but deliver it in different ways for different students. Teachers can do this by using different multiple intelligences or learning styles, leveling/scaffolding/tiering, or enrichment and remediation sessions.

Graphic Organizers can help teachers differentiate instruction because they use the following multiple intelligence learning styles:

  • Spatial Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Logical Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Intrapersonal or Interpersonal Multiple Intelligence Learning Style
  • Linguistic Multiple Intelligence Learning Style

Graphic organizers can also be used for the leveling/scaffolding/tiering approach for differentiated instruction because they can help students simplify and organize information during mini-lessons.

The third way to differentiate instruction with graphic organizers is to use it for remediation while other students who have mastered the content do enrichment activities. This is also because graphic organizers simplify and organize information, as previously stated.

Graphic organizers are a great way for teachers to differentiate instruction in their lesson plans. offers over 65 graphic organizers. They all include text boxes to input content fast and easy.

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