Hierarchy graphic organizers can be used to differentiate instruction

Hierarchy Graphic Organizers help to Differentiate Instruction

Triangles can be used as hierarchy graphic organizers for content such as the food pyramid or social classes. They can provide the percent of each food or population in each social class. Hierarchy graphic organizers can also be used to help teachers differentiate instruction.

Differentiated instruction is when each student in a class learns the same content by doing leveled assignments or by using different multiple intelligences.

In order to differentiate instruction by using levels, a teacher may provide a key for or include a certain amount of content in the hierarchy graphic organizer for a lower level while the other students in the class use higher critical thinking skills by deciding which content should go where in the graphic organizer.

In order to differentiate instruction with a graphic organizer by using multiple intelligences, a teacher may offer a choice to students whether they want to draw a picture and or use writing to fill in the graphic organizer. This can bring in both the logical and spatial multiple intelligences.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kasha-Mastrodomenico/Category/Graphic-Organizers offers teachers graphic organizers that can help teach hierarchy as well as many other kinds. These graphic organizers are great because they each include text boxes so that including content can be quickly done.

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